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When you hear stories about starting a new thing, it’s almost always from the people who have succeeded in doing it, and have been doing it for a while. They may share their obstacles and failures, but it’s never quite like being there from the start. There is little audience for the fresh, creative projects that are still trying to figure out how to navigate the waters. It’s time to change that, and to shine the spotlight on what starting is really like: by letting everyone tell their stories in real-time.

The Core Behind It

The core idea behind the initiative is to give everyone who is starting something of their own or venturing on a creative pursuit a platform to share their experiences, inspirations and pains, and to receive feedback and assistance.

Here’s How it Works:

All you need is to fill out one form and share your story, what you want to accomplish and what you’re looking for. We will then share your story on our platform, spread the news about your project, and connect you with resources and supporters.

On the other hand, if you’re visiting our website and you’ve got a set of skills or advice for someone who is still starting out in a particular field, you can view the stories and select the project you want to help with and we will make it happen.

The Best Part:

You can remain anonymous. Your contacts will be kept private, and we will notify you if someone shows interest in your project.

The amount of information you choose to share is entirely up to you, and you retain the credit and rights to anything you post.

There is no monetary exchange involved, and there never will be. It’s all about the learning experience.

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